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In this website you will be able to learn on my activities. I have written several books and continue in developing content. I am also doing a web series: "Arik Von Nerd". I do hope you will be intrigued by my work. I cover several fields of interest. 
  • The Official Laughable Wedding Album of Kate & William - The best standup show in Ealbum.  This is a unique work which I strongly recommend to download. 
  • Arik Von Nerd - A political fiction satire of Arik Von Nerd reporting on the White House "real" activity.
  • Ariks' Journey - A real life ebook on the building and marketing of my activity.
  • Nonsense in Cucumber Juice - is an economic book on the last big economic crises. At the moment, it is only in Hebrew.
  • The Court - is a thriller book in Hebrew. At the moment, it is in the hands of several publishing houses which need to decide on their will to publish it.
  • About Me - In this section I describe more about myself, my activities and my family. I have a range of interests.
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The best standup show in Ealbum: "The Official Laughable Wedding Album of Kate & William".
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Some people say it is funny. Some say it is very funny.
Kate thinks it is awful and Prince William will never publicly dispute her.  Privately, by the way, he will be even more careful.....

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Arik Von Nerd - Episode #1 - Water


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