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You choose a random card and think and meditate about the outcome.
At the moment we have 101 cards.

Spiritual Cards
To Medidate Over
Spiritual Cards

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Buy this Gig - only for 5 US$

Obligation Change Sorrow Naughtiness Intuition
Giving Learning Laughter Gift Responsibility
Healing Success Spontaneuty Enthusiasm Sensitivity
Confidence Knowledge Silence Joining Bravery
Liberation Infinity Excellence Friendship Effortlessness
Touch Will Power Simplicity Concentration Love
Decisiveness Defense Humor Patience Sanctifying
Warmth Calmness Spring Independence Flexibility
Initiative Seriousness Wakefulness Happiness Advancement
Enjoyment Beginning Comprehension Beauty Flow
Wisdom Gentelness Essentiality Intimacy (empty)
Imagination Maturity Hope Receiving Goodhearted
Vigor Openness Peace Health Experience
Relaxation Completion Adventure Sharing Innocence
Bridging Abundance Renewal Journey Trust
Breakthrough Light Consistency Realization Devotion
Solution Talent Communication Strength Combining
Consciousness Agreement Relationship Adolescence Bliss
Ending Repetition Sensuality Uniqueness Stability
Expression Awareness Sport Work Word

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