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Public activity for the freeing of the wrongly convicted Roman Zadorov. Roman Zadorov was convicted of the Murder of Tair Rada in her school.  It is a very famous murder trial in Israel and he was convicted because of his own admittance in committing the murder.  No other evidence exists to prove he murdered the girl including no reasoning for such an activity.

The public request for a re-trial:
The public request for re-trial
The appeal to the Justice Minister
Adv. Fichman answer
Re-asking for appeal committee
Justice minister refusal
Bagatz 2700/19
Time table according to prosecution
Bagatz decision to reject the appeal
My reaction to the Bagatz decision - No Judges in Jerusalem

The freedom of information appeal:
My freedom of information appeal to get the internal audit of the Israeli police on the investigation of the killing of the late Tair Rada here.
The freedom of information appeal to court
The auditing procedure of the Information and Investigation police department
The auditing for the north part
Several Requests by me
The first response by the attorney general
The second response by the attorney general
Protocol of court hearing 3 February 2019
Dishonor request
Dishonor response by the attorney general
Judge decision Dishonor
My reaction to the Dishonor response by the attorney general
Protocol court hearing 16 December 2019
Summary of my claims submitted for the court
Court decision to allow later submission of State claims
Request to change the court decision to allow later submission of their claims
Court decision on my last request
Praklitot summary of claims
Request for judge rolling
Court Answer
Final Mehuzi Court Decision on this Appeal
My Objection to the supreme court
High Court appeal procedure
Sikumim for the High Court appeal
Praklitut arguments for the high court
Praklitut data as part of their aguments

No Due Process on the Israeli Supreme Court:
Instead of submitting their arguments on time, the Praklitut, asked for more time. They got it and this is a violation of the Due Process.
Request from Praklitut to delay submission of their response
Rashemet Decision to hear my opinion on Parklitut to change court Procedure
My response to Praklitut request - keep justice balanced
Registrar Decision
Irur on Rashemet Decision on my Appeal Procedure
Dr. Mintz rejects my Irur on the Rashemet Decision
Well..., the Praklitut needs more time
My respone to the Praklitut request
The registrar accepts Praklitut request
My appeal against the registrar decision
DR. Mintz rejects my appeal
OOps... they need more TIME
As usual I do not agree with their request
Well, the registrar partially accepts the Police request

Demand to Dismiss Judges:
I have demanded to dismiss the judge whom instead of judging was on the side of the Police and the Attorney General. In this process I demanded the dismiss of the head (Naziv) of the public complaints against judges that instead of doing his duties, tries to cover up this coruppted judge.
Complaint to dismiss the Judge
The Chief Judge of the Supreme Court response
My Response to The Chief Judge of the Supreme Court
From Pnyut Ha'Tzibur Justice ministary
My Response to The Justice Ministary
Netzivot Tlunot Ha'Tzibur Al Ha'Shoftim
Request for power from Netzivot Tlunot Ha'Tzibur Al Ha'Shoftim
Response from Nezivot Tlunot Ha'tzibur Al Ha'Shoftim about the power problem
My Answer to the Complaint department against Judges
Chief Justice response concerning the Natziv
My response to the Chief Justice
Asking the Committee to dismiss the Naziv

Information on the new charges against Roman Zadorov:
I have asked the Praklitut, according to the Freedom of Information law , to reveal the reasoning for the new (second) murder charges that were pointed towards Roman Zadorov.
Request for information
Response from Justice information department - hiding the information
My response - show the information!

Four Appeals to the Supreme High Court for Justice (Bagatz)
Four appeals, so far, have been submitted concerning the Roman Zadorov case. All appeals were rejected. For learning purposes on the bonding between: the courts, the general attorney, the police - they are submitted here.
The Rada Family Appeal
High Court for Justice decision on the Rada appeal
The Baldinger (and others) Appeal
High Court for Justice decision on the Baldinger appeal
The Sadovsky (and others) Appeal
High Court for Justice decision on the Sadovsky Appeal
My appeal
High Court for Justice Decision on my appeal

Complaint to the Naziv Sherot Ha'Medina
Complaint to Naziv Sherot Ha'medina against the Attorney General and four members of the Praklitot. They are not acting according to the law and behavioural demands and rules as public servents. They hurt and humiliate Ilana Rada and the suporters of the Public appeal.
Complaint to the Naziv
The Naziv response
The Appeal to open an investigation
Warning before BAGATZ
Arar reply by the Naziv Sherot Ha'Medinah

Fight for change - Investigation Department for all Law Enforcment Units
Fight for the creation of a new Investigation Department for: Police, Attorneys and Judges.
Sign now for this fight - Sign Now - New Investigation Department for Law Enforcment employees
I have written several articles which I have published on Facebook and are added here as well.
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Dr. Forman Opinion - How to Manipulate the truth

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