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Public activity for the freeing of the wrongly convicted Roman Zadorov. Roman Zadorov was convicted of the Murder of Tair Rada in her school.  It is a very famous murder trial in Israel and he was convicted because of his own admittance in committing the murder.  No other evidence exists to prove he murdered the girl including no reasoning for such an activity.
The public request for re-trial
The appeal to the Justice Minister
The freedom of information appeal to court

Roman Zadorov Innocence Project (Hebrew)
#10 Police Know
#9 Minister, Ayelt Shaked
#8 No Forensic Evidence
#7 High Court Mistakes
#6 Sherlock Holmes...
#5 The Murder Scene
#4 Forensic Rule
#3 Roman
#2 The Confession
#1 Like Alfred Dreyfus